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VMLCG Basecamp 3 Project Planning Tool link

To access the (NEW!) VMLCG Basecamp Project Planning Tool, click here.

Note this is not a two way link so you may want to Control-click this link so as to open the Basecamp site in a new window while at the same time retaining this page open as well.(assuming your browser has multiple window support)

Basecamp is the tool we use for planning and recording projects before they go up onto the website calendar and to assist with the behind-the-scenes management of the logistics and requirements of any programme we run. The Board also use Basecamp to track all the activity  they do, and to ensure adequate records of our operations and decisions are kept.

A quick snap of the main overview screen is below:

If you want access to Basecamp (free to all members and access encouraged) , click here to send an email to the VMLCG's Chief Technology Quoll and this will be actioned. 

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